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We provide a platform to university courses for Q&A, polls, file distribution and announcements.

Everything in a Social Feed


Choose your university and join your course, for example CS102 in Spring 2020.


Ask questions and respond anonymously if you like.

Attach any file you like.

LaTeX is supported inline.

You are free to delete your posts.

Check mark

Instructors can mark answers as correct and highlight important questions.

Posts are sorted by relevance.

Realtime Polls

Take part in polls and see results in realtime.


Stay informed and have all information bundled.

Course Material

Find relevant material and links in one place.

Syntax Highlighting

Attach code and present it beautifully formatted.

Syntax is highlighted in more than 150 programming languages.

When attaching code, there is a preview while typing it.

Code can also be written inline by surrounding it with ##.

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We've put state-of-the-art technology together and designed a platform tailor-made to university classes.

Smooth workflow

Designed for an intuitive and natural experience.

Made with love

By students. For Students.

Hosted in Germany

Our server is located in Germany and German law applies.


All connections and sensitive content are encrypted.

Responsive web app

Our web app adapts to all devices and has offline capabilities.


All content is pushed in realtime to all users without any need to refresh.

Why do instructors choose us?

Our platform provides the students a better experience, and helps instructors be part of conversations and communicate more efficiently.


Bundle your communication to students and make your answers available to everyone.

Get insights

Find out what students really think. And help them ask questions they would have been stuck with otherwise.

Connect your students

Create a place for your students to communicate with each other, instead of strangers in forums.


percent more engagement


percent more efficient learning



all student features plus

Open or password protection

Choose whether to open the course to anyone at your institution or protect it with a password.

Students communicate with exactly their fellow students.

Full control

You have the right to delete inappropriate posts.

You can report users generally behaving improperly.

Highlight correct answers and important questions.

Create Polls

Get instant feedback and see results in real time.

Results are saved for your future reference.

Create Announcements

Reach your students instantly.

When you create a new announcement, students can click the arrow to go back to older ones.

Upload material and add links easily

Upload files in any format.

You can also insert links to external sources.

Your students have the relevant content bundled in one place.

Manage Participants

Be in full control over who participates in your course.

You can grant your colleagues or assistants instructor rights, such that they can do everything you can - with one click.

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